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Collision Dynamics can assist in the following areas:

Accident Investigation/Reconstruction
Crash Data Recorder (CDR) Downloads

Rapid Response

Scene Mapping

Seat Belt Usage

Airbag Deployments

Passenger Vehicles

Heavy Trucks



Weather and Roadway Issues

Crash Simulations
Failure Analysis

Lamp Examination

Who Was Driving

Time/Distance Analysis

Vehicle Crush Analysis

Trial Exhibits
Collision Dynamics, LLC has been providing consulting on accident reconstruction matters since 1983.  Originally
formed in northern Arizona when Tim Pebler was contacted to provide assistance to local attorneys regarding their
personal injury matters.  Collision Dynamics, LLC relocated to Phoenix in 1987 to provide accident reconstruction
consulting to attorneys on both plaintiff and defense matters and to insurance companies throughout the Southwest.

Along with conventional reconstruction methods, Collision Dynamics, LLC uses several accident reconstruction
programs to further analyze the conditions of the collision.  
PC-Crash and HVE are two of the most recognized peer
reviewed and tested trajectory simulation programs.